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New Athletes & Returning JV Athletes


  • JOIN REMIND: Text @jvtrac (no k) to the number 81010, then press send

  • Schoology Access Code: 9GK7G-FB7JH


FORMS: Thursday, March 1st- Physical Forms Due https://mason.finalforms.com/

  • All forms will be online through Final Forms except for the OHSAA Physical Form

  • If you played a fall or winter sport your Physical form will be on file and should be valid as long as the date goes through May 2017.



You can find all announcements, practice schedule, meet rosters, meet information, meet results, directions, booster club and other important information posted through each athlete’s schoology account or on team’s website runmason.com.



  • Monday, January 8- Indoor Track Start Date

  • Tuesday, Feb 20- First Day for JV conditioning

  • Tuesday, Feb 27- Parent Meeting @ 7:00 pm small commons

  • Thursday, March 1- Form Due (Physical Form)

  • Monday, March 5- 1st Official Day of Track

  • TBA- Picture Day @ 3:00 pm, Track Stadium

  • Saturday, March 24- Kings Relays (start of Spring Break)

  • Sunday, March 26th – Sunday April 2nd – Spring Break

  • Monday, April 2- No school- Practice in the afternoon

  • Tuesday, April 3- 1st JV meet @ Lakota East

  • Saturday, April 21- Prom

  • Friday, May 4- Mason Invite (Senior Night)

  • Monday, May 7- JV Big 10 @ Sycamore

  • May 9 & 11- GMC @ Mason

  • Tuesday, May 15- JV Track Banquet

  • May 16 & 18- District @ Mason

  • Wednesday, May 16- Last Day for Seniors

  • May 23 & 25- Regionals @ Dayton

  • Friday, May 25- Last day of School

  • Tuesday, May 29- Varsity Track Banquet A & B & Senior Athletes (all welcome)

  • Friday, June 1st & Saturday, June 2nd- State Track


***Youth Track Club begins: Monday, May 14th @ 6:00 pm- Mondays & Thursdays



The Booster Club (The Mason Running Boosters) and the Coaching Staff would like to have all parents attend a mandatory meeting in the High School Small Commons, Tuesday, February 27 @ 7:00 pm.  Prior to the Track portion of the meeting, Mr. Stemple (Mason HS Athletic Director) would like to meet with the parents as well for 20 minutes.  


New and JV athletes  will begin conditioning on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 @ 2:45PM in the LARGE COMMONS. Dress appropriately for all weather conditions. We will be outside every day that we can!!! Wear pants OR Tights, and warm clothes every single day! Hat & Gloves!!! If you are not dressed appropriately, you will be sent home.


  • Tuesday, Feb 20- Conditioning Begins @ 2:45pm in the Large Commons

  • Thursday, Feb 22- Conditioning @ 2:45pm in the Large Commons

  • Monday, Feb 26- Conditioning @ 2:45pm in the Large Commons

  • Wednesday, Feb 28  Conditioning @ 2:45pm in the Large Commons

  • Thursday March 1- Conditioning @ 2:45pm in the Large Commons

      **Forms must be completed on Final Forms and last day to turn in physical

  • Monday March 5- Official Start of the Season


We encourage those athletes who will begin conditioning on Feb 20  to work out on their own for the first 6 weeks of the winter and check-in with coaches: Coach Stephens (A110), Coach Stoll (Z207), and Coach Barry (A313).  


Throwers- See Coach Barry for Schedule days & times:  Meeting-Thursday December 14, 2017 Room B313 @ 2:30pm


*If you have Questions, Please contact or email Coach Stephens or Coach Stoll first.  


Kristi Stephens (JV Sprints, Hurdles, & Jumps)          stephensk@masonohioschools.com

                                                                               School Phone: 398-5025 Ext. 31110


Kristin Stoll (JV Distance & Mid-Distance)                  stollk@masonohioschools.com

                                                                               School Phone: 398-5025 Ext. 39207


Varsity Indoor Track & Winter Conditioning: Due to the lack of space during basketball season, safety, and limited entries in indoor meets the following athletes will be able to participate in optional winter/indoor track.  

  • Returning 2017 Varsity A Athletes

  • Returning 2017 Varsity B Athletes

  • 2017 Letterwinners

  • 2017 Top 20 in Cross Country (Fall Season) with a time of 21:30 or better

  • 2017 Junior High GMC Competitors

  • Coaches Discretion



In order to earn a Varsity Mason Track & Field Letter, an athlete must fulfill the following requirements.  An athlete must:

  1. Score at the Clash of Titans, Wayne,  Mason Invite, GMC, District Meet, Regional, or State Meets.

  2. Compete on the Varsity A & B teams throughout the entire season.

  3. Be top 2 on Varsity in your event

  4. Score at over half of the varsity meets during the season (approximately 12-15 points)

  5. Run on a varsity relay @ any of the Varsity A meets

  6. Be a four year team member and finish the season on the team in good standing.

  7. Letters may be awarded in special circumstances such as a coach’s decision or to a dedicated senior who fails to qualify by the above standards.



  • Athletes will have to be able to meet the MINIMUM standards for any of the 17 events to participate on the JV or Varsity team.

  • After 4 weeks of participating in practice and conditioning, any athlete who meets the minimum standard, will be permitted to continue competing in the Girls Track & Field Program.

  • Time Trials will be coordinated between March 19 and 23.  If weather permits time trials could be added on March 15 or 16 as well.  

  • Athletes will not only be evaluated on physical ability, but also punctuality and attendance.

  • The coaching staff reserves the right to add a returning member of the team who fails to qualify to the below standards.

  • These times and distances can be adjusted based on weather, practice space and number of athletes at an event.  

  • Attendance- 3 unexcused absences from practice/ conditioning & training will result in dismissal from the team.  




10th / 11th / 12th  











100m Hurdles

300m Hurdles

Long Jump

High Jump

Pole Vault

Shot Put









13’ 00”

4’ 4”

7’ 0”

20’ 0”

60’ 0”








14’ 00”

4’ 6”

8’ 0”

22’ 0”

65’ 0”



Track & Field Time/ Event trials will be held March 20 – 24

  • Thursday, March 1- Form Dues (Physical Form)

  • Monday, March 5- 1st day of Official Practice

  • Monday, March 19- 100m Dash Time Trial, 800m Run Time trial

  • Tuesday, March 20 - 400 Time Trial, 1600m Time Trial

  • Wednesday, March 21 - 200m Dash Time Trial, 3200m Run Time Trial

  • Thursday, March 22- 2nd Opportunity Time Trials in selected events


**We will also have evaluations for the Throws, Pole Vault, Jumps, and Hurdles as well during the first three weeks of the season by each individual coach  


*Dates of time trials may need to be adjusted for inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  We will keep you posted throughout the first few weeks of the season.





  • The JV Girls’ track team will NOT meet for practice from Saturday , March 24th – Sunday, April 1, 2018.

  • There will be Practice Monday, April 3, 2018 @ 3:00 pm


Monday- Practice begins @ 2:45 pm, Meet in the Field House


Tuesday- Practice begins @ 3:00 pm, Meet in the Field House

  • Please make-up all tests, quizzes on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Make all appointments to see teachers for help on these days if possible.


Wednesday- Practice begins @ 2:45 pm, Meet in the Field House


Thursday- Practice begins @ 3:00 pm, Meet in the Field House

  • Please make-up all tests, quizzes on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Make all appointments to see teachers for help on these days if possible.


Friday- Practice begins @ 2:45 pm, Meet in the Field House


Saturday- No Practice



  • As we begin the official season, we ask that athletes be at each & every practice. Do not schedule any appointments during practice or meets unless absolutely unavoidable (i.e. illness).  For such absences you or your parent must personally notify us as to your absence.  DO NOT tell a teammate to tell us.  

  • Nothing should be scheduled during practice time if at all possible.  If a situation does arise, PLEASE notify us by email or Remind to explain the situation.  3 UNEXCUSED ABSENCES will result in dismissal from the Team.  Things such as job interviews, driving school, hair appointments, etc. will be considered unexcused absences.    

  • Meet in the field house everyday  (after spring break we will meet outside on the track) unless instructed to do otherwise.  Athletes will be allowed to use the athletic locker rooms at the High School before and after practice (athletes must provide their own locks).  

  • Dress appropriately for all weather conditions, we will be outside everyday!!!  WEAR PANTS or TIGHTS EVERYDAY!!!



  • Be sure that you stay well hydrated throughout the winter and the season. It will make a huge difference in your training.  Water is our friend!  

  • You don’t have to diet or deny yourself favorite treats, but try to maintain a reasonably healthy and well-balanced meal plan to get yourself on the right path to a great season



THE RIGHT SHOES ARE ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL!   Spending the time and money to get the right shoes will make a world of difference in your training.  Any old pair will NOT do!  I suggest Buckeye Running Company. They are knowledgeable about running and runners’ needs also located 5mins from the HS on Tylersville.  Plus, you can get a 15% - 20% discount by mentioning Mason Track & Field.


2018 Winter Workouts Options

*We STRONGLY suggest you start working out 4-5 times a week starting now before the season begins.


  • Dynamic Warm Up/ Stretching (10 mins)

  • Hip Exercises (10 reps each leg)

  • 10 minutes or Core Body (during or after workouts)

  • Total Body Work (especially if no Gym): Pushups (2 x20), Forward Lunges (2 x10), Side Lunges (2 x10), Prisoner Squats (2 x20), Dips (2 x20), Calf Raises (2 x25), Back Bridges (2 x20), Split Lung Jumps (2 x15), Supermans (2 x15)

  • Plyometric Options: Line Drills (Double Leg, Single Leg LT/RT, Cross Over, Lateral Double Leg LT/ RT, Lateral Single Leg LT/RT, any other Jumping exercises. Double Leg Bounds, Single Leg, Pogo Stick, Straight Leg



  1. Bike or Elliptical Machine - Do hard, intense interval training on your running days for 30-45 mins

  2. Take a Spinning or Workout Class @ the Community Center

  3. Swimming laps in the Pool

  4. TRX Suspension Training Class

  5. Cardio Kickboxing Class

  6. Yoga or Pilates Class

  7. Tabata Training Class

  8. Pure Barre Class: This is a challenging and unique workout designed to sculpt and strengthen your entire body as well as increase flexibility.

  9. GRIT Exercise Class- 30 minute high intensity interval training program

  10. Zumba Class: This fusion of Latin and international music uses dance to creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective workout

  11. Easy 25 – 30 minute run  with 6 x 100m Accelerations @ the end of the workout

  12. 15 Minutes on the Bike, 15 minutes on the Elliptical Machine, & 15 minutes on the Treadmill with Core body in between every 15 minutes

  13. Run 5 sets of 4 reps of 100m Sprints (15 Seconds or so on the Treadmill)   

  14. 25 minute Run (Hard, Fast Pace)-You can do this on a treadmill or out on the road

  15. Circuit Training:

    1. Run 1 minute or 1:30; or 2:00 mins, then complete an Exercise such as Pushups

    2. Run same distance, then Exercise such as Squats

    3. Run same distance, then Exercise such as V-Ups

    4. Run same distance, then Exercise such as Line Jumps for 30 seconds

    5. Keep Going for 10 to 12 sets through

  16. 8-10 reps of Flying (10 yard jog) 30m Sprints (You can do these on the Treadmill as well)

  17. 8-10 x 200 (2 minutes rest)

  18. On The Track:

100- 200- 100- 200 @ Tempo Pace

100- 300- 100- 300 @ Temp Pace

100- 400- 100- 100 @ Temp Pace   

100- 200- 300- 400 @ Tempo Pace

100 @ 20 seconds; 200 @ 40 seconds; 300 @ 60 seconds; 400 @ 80 seconds   

  1. On the Track, Treadmill, or Road: 6-8 Sets of the following pattern:               

2 minute jog                   

        30 second stride or acceleration           

        15 second sprint                   

        45 second walk                   

  1. Stadium Stairs- 3 to 4 sets

  2. 20 – 30 minute run (Moderate Pace) (You can do this on a treadmill or out on the road) 6 x 100m Accelerations

  3. Easy 20 – 25 minute run with 6 x 50 m Accelerations @ the end of the workout

  4. 10 X 100m (typical post meet workout)