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Dear Parents & Athletes,


If you need to contact the coaches for any reason over the course of the season here is a list of phone numbers and email addresses.  Please contact a coach in case of an emergency, late appointment, tutoring session, or illness otherwise it will be considered an unexcused absence.  


Thanks you so much for your support,

The Mason Track & Field Team


Tony Affatato (Head Coach & Sprints)          affatatot@masonohioschools.com

                                                                       School Phone: 398-5025 Ext. 30310

                                                                       Cell Phone: 513-240-3626


Kelly Affatato (Distance)                                affatatok@masonohioschools.com

(Associate Head Coach)                                School Phone: 459-2850 Ext. 71230

                                                                       Cell Phone: 513-382-2827


Hakim Oliver (Sprints & Jumps)                    oliverh@masonohioschools.com

                                                                       School Phone: 398-5025 Ext. 39224

Cell Phone: 513-293-1137


Mark Sutton (Pole Vault)                                coachsutton22@gmail.com

                                                                       Cell Phone: 513-312-9243


Allison Kolish (Varsity B/ & Sprints)              kolisha@masonohioschools.com

(Head Varsity B Coach)                           School Phone: 398-5025 Ext. 31209

                                                                       Cell Phone: 513-382-5072


Paul Barry (Head Throws Coach)                  Barryp@masonohioschools.com

School Phone: 398-5025 Ext. 31313

                                                                       Cell Phone: 513-376-1909


Lindsay Ossim (Assistant throws Coach)       lindsey.ossim@gmail.com    

Cell Phone: 513-305-5498


Darrel Boreing (Throws Coach)                     dboreing@cinci.rr.com

                                                                       Cell Phone: 513-520-1045


Pat Doyle (Hurdles Coach)                        patrickdoyle0116@gmail.com

                                                                       Cell Phone: 765-532-7933


Kristi Stephens (JV Sprints)                           StephensK@masonohioschools.com

                                                                       School Phone: 398-5025 Ext. 31110

                        Cell Phone: 513-687-3166


Kristin Stoll (JV Distance)                               stollk@masonohioschools.com

                                                                       School Phone: 398-5025 Ext. 39207

                        Cell Phone:313-461-6327

(JV Assistant)                                   TBA